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BytePatterns 2.0

Welcome to BytePatterns 2.0

BytePatterns is a collection of ready-to-use patterns for production websites

It would be easy to imagine patterns as plug-ins akin to Drupal or Wordpress, but they're architecturally different. We use patterns on a website when we're building a site, or adding an extra feature to a site. They're not for upgrading or managing settings or content. They're for publishing only.

Patterns for us are multi-filed, templated and with easy-to-use basic settings. Creating patterns was designed to be trivial, and documentation on that process is coming soon. For the time being, if you'd like to have a pattern created or create on yourself, just ask.

Life of a pattern:

  1. (S)uggested - It's beed suggested, but nobody has claimed it.
  2. In (P)rocess - Someone's claimed it and is actively working on it
  3. In (T)esting - It's now being tested but could have plenty of bugs (alpha).
  4. Release Candidate (RC) - It's ready to be deployed on someone's site knowing a few bugs might exist (beta).
  5. (R)eleased - Tested enough to feel comfortable you won't be wasting too much time.
  6. (M)ature - Proven, well tested, probably re-architected more than once, deployed on multiple sites.
  7. (D)ead - If a pattern is replaced by a better one, or if technology renders it useless

Adding New Site

You add a site by going to the bytepatterns DB--> websites table and inserting the correct values for you new site; config_patterns.php array is no longer necessary

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add site to bytepattern->websites table; nolonger used--> here: /htdocs/assets/config_patterns.php




Deployed To


1. Choose the location:


  • Development and Workflow
    • Sublime Snippets
    • VSCode Snippets
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  • Our Code Standards
  • Elements
    • html css patterns
    • alie
    • Scroll Movements
    • overlay
    • Dropzone
    • instafeed
    • Scroll to Top
    • Hover Search
    • Value On Select
    • Instagram Feed
    • INSERT
  • Go Live Checklist
  • CMS Tasks


  • Boilerplate
  • Navigation
    • Basic Mobile Navigation
    • Footer Sitemap Nav
    • Context Nav
    • Custom Navigation Parts
    • Context Nav v2
    • INSERT
  • Buckets
    • Regular Bucket
    • Kitchen Sink
    • Social Media
    • Overlay
    • Dropdown Bucket
    • Overlay Bucket
    • Top Nav Slidedown
    • INSERT
  • User Actions
    • Save User Actions PHP
    • INSERT
  • Search
  • Byte CMS


  • Forms
    • Common Form
    • Email signup via Mailchimp
    • Common Form Hybrid
    • Simple Form
    • New mailchimp form
    • INSERT
  • Admin Image Copies
  • Sliders
    • Campaign Slider
    • Partner Logos
    • Slick Flexbox
    • Swiper JS Pattern
    • INSERT
  • eMOTD alerts


  • Search and Results
  • Calendar and Events
  • Blogs and Articles
  • Recipes db
  • Specials db
  • Users
  • Calendar and Events V2
  • Blogs V2
  • Map Markers
  • Events V3
  • Events V4
  • User Account
  • Registration
  • Events Vue


  • How To Make A Pattern
    • Pattern
    • Collapsable Pane
    • How to make documentation
    • INSERT
  • How To Example
  • How To Add Site
2. Name your creation:

Choose a location on the left for new pattern.

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